Closing techniques

Closing techniques are an outmoded form of psychological manipulation designed to make a salesperson confident in the final stages of a sales cycle and designed to hassle or trick a prospect into signing. They are most used by direct sales organisations – mainly telesales operations. They really don’t have a role in today’s professional selling environment.

That’s not to say that salespeople shouldn’t aim to close deals, they should, but more importantly they should concentrate on creating the circumstances where prospects want to buy without having to be pressured.

Generally speaking the poorer the product the more the salesperson needs closing techniques. Undoubtedly there is in society a soft underbelly of gullible prospects that quite frankly will buy anything if the salesperson is relentless enough.

But if you’ve got a good product you shouldn’t ever have to ‘close’ a deal. If it’s a good product and you’ve presented it well, why wouldn’t the prospect but it? Why would you need a closing technique?

There is one factor that comes into play that all salespeople need to be aware of and that is a natural hesitation that many buyers experience once they have made the decision in their minds to go ahead with you. It’s a last minute nervousness but it’s a dangerous time for the sales cycle. All that is needed here is a light-hearted approach to get them over the hurdle. But very important – once you’ve popped the question – keep quiet till you’ve had an answer. Most salespeople are tempted to jump in before the prospect has answered and that let’s the prospect of the hook.

Summary: Leave closing techniques out of your professional sales skill set.

Action: Once you’ve asked for the order – keep quiet.


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